IpadOS 16. Anybody using it yet?

Does it impact NS2? Safe to upgrade?


  • i have iO16 and didn't noticed any problems in NS2 .. i have iPad MINI 5 and iPhone XS MAX .. on both it runs smooth

    but note that except of miRack and FabFilter plugins i do not use almost any AUv3, just NS2 bundled stuff ..

  • Thanks @dendy. I don’t use many auv3 either. Just a couple of effects that I could make do without if necessary. I think I’ll go for it.

  • OK @boomer , that makes you the newest guinea pig. I always wait as long as I can. If it ain’t broke, don’t iOS update.

  • Curious to know how NS2 behaves inside stage manager and whether anyone has found any uses for multitasking with NS2 enabled by that feature. My ipad doesn’t support stage manager, and I’ve seen bad reviews on it, but I’m curious anyway

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