Obsidian Osc Random Phase

I’m trying to make my own snare drums in Obsidian and getting fairly decent results but the problem is the sine bass always starts on random phase and I can’t figure out how to stop that. Any hints or workarounds?


  • Why do you think the phase is random? I’ve tried to test that by creating a patch with two saw oscillators detuned from each other by 1 cent for a flanger-ish effect. Whenever I play notes from this patch the sound always starts and evolves the same way and the attack transient is consistent. If the phase was different, than the flanger-y thing would begin at a different “stage” each time and the “click” from the attack would be lacking. Borrowed this trick from Syntorial. They have a setting for their synth called “start” which switches between the two options regarding phase. Based on my little test above, Obsidian seems to have “start” always on, though I was not able to find a switch to control that in Obsidian (Maybe it can be done with an LFO, not sure).

    Please tell me if I need to elaborate on anything. Would be glad to hear what were your observations that led you to believe that the phase is not consistent

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    oscillators starts always phase synced...

    actually to get phase random start you need this as mod source

    and this as mod destination for all osc types except of sample oscillator

    in case of sample oscillator, phase is not defined so you need modulate sample start (use just small value 0-10 in this case, it's basically % of sample length)

  • Thanks for the explanation dendy!

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