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Hello. This is my first post here. I've had NS2 for a long time now, but never really used it until recently. I started toying around with it and can't believe how good this thing really is. For me, getting things done is far faster and easier than BM3 and CB3.

Matt has a real gem on his hands. This app is far too good to die, and I really believe that with some enhancements and better pricing, this could be the best DAW in the world on iOS.

Everyone knows the issue with audio tracks. Adding those would open up a whole new market. Some other additions that have been mentioned elsewhere could be added in a NS3. Maybe some visual changes like additional track lane colours and background colours. The vast majority of the framework is there already. And it should be kept to iPad only, at least at the start.

Economics. In my opinion, iOS apps are far too cheap. It's probably why we buy so many of them and never use most of them. I've got loads I'd forgotten I'd bought. I'm sure the same is true of others. If I were Matt, I'd build NS3 and charge a premium price, say £100/$100. I would pay that, and I'm guessing many others would too. If he asked some prominent YouTubers to demo it, I'm convinced sales would be good. Sell just 5,000 globally and that's a cool half a million. Income could be topped up with various types of IAP's

Some might say a hundred is too much, but this is a premium product and should command a premium price. NS3 would be a premium product and blow the competition out of the water. That's my opinion anyway.

I realise as a newbie I'm likely to get shot down, but I've been dabbling in the music industry since the Fostex X-15 and the Tascam Porta 7! I like to think I've built up a little knowledge over the decades. For me, NS3 could be the best iOS DAW on earth. That's how good I rate Matt's work.


  • Hey Wyvern! Welcome to the forum. I and most people on this forum agree with your thoughts on NS2. I can’t speak for Blip Interactive but in my opinion NS2 isn’t facing a “dead” status anytime soon. I have no desire to “shoot you down”, but I would note that NS2 was updated to v 2.1.2 about a year ago, and Matt stated he would fix things broken by iOS updates. I still use other apps that that have had no updates in many years. NS2 isn’t dead, and still does what it does since 2018.

    Development seems to be ‘on hold’ for the foreseeable future, but there hasn’t been a statement that development will never continue. Matt needed to take a day job, and I think get over some burn out of developing Nanostudio for over a decade. He needed a break.

    The economics of iOS apps is at the heart of the current situation. I was a champion for a higher initial price, but when it was released it seemed there was a settling for the average iOS DAW price range in order to compete and possibly due to a disappointment on the lack of Audio Tracks. Then it was too quickly discounted after that. Changing the opinions of what NS2 should actually be worth is an uphill battle that so far has mostly failed.

    Since there are so many options for audio tracks these days, I’m not sure that audio tracks in NS2 would be enough for many people to leave their current workflow for NS2 with audio tracks. Esp. At a higher price range. I could be wrong, but 5,000 people spending $100 seems to be a pipedream. I wonder what the actual numbers are for the active iOS music production community (as opposed to people who buy one or two apps and never really use them)?. The smart move, from an income perspective, would be to code a game or selfie app. Then NS2 development could be a side project to the money making app(s). It’s been suggested before, but it brings a lot of work and a whole other level of headaches. Easier said than done I guess.

    For now I think we should use the hell out of NS2 and spread the word to friends and anywhere our on-line presence allows. That might help keep NS2 financially worthwhile enough to leave the door open to possible future development. NS1 came out in 2010 and who though we’d still be discussing it today? OK, technically NS2, but still. Nanostudio has come a long way and is a great music making tool. When complete newbies consider buying NS2 they might search online for info and stumble across this forum. The more positives they read here, the greater the chances are to introduce the app to new people and hopefully grow the NS2 fanbase.

  • Based on Matt’s track record, audio tracks on NS2 would far surpass anything else on iOS. Even if it was limited to say, 4 tracks, it would still be awesome. For me, there would be no reason to use anything else. Matt’s implementation of features beats that of many multi-person teams. I would pay a premium for the opportunity but, unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll ever see this happen. I’ll never stop hoping! 😭

  • I'm very happy working within NS2. I just think it would be nice to have a few extra bells and whistles such as MIDI learn for transport controls and the mixer. Also, a way to favourite patches. Don't know if that can be done at present. I'm sure someone out there could help me on that. I know I sound a bit greedy, sorry.

    I've decided that my project for 2023 will all be done in NS2. After some experimentation during the Christmas break, it's going to serve my needs very well. Function-wise, it's simply the best out there in my opinion. And I'm armed with all the IAPS. 😀

    I fully understand the need for Matt to earn a living. I have to as well. If I didn't, I'd be doing music all day! Let's hope one day Matt is able to get back in the saddle without the economic pressures life throws at us.

  • Uh, it seems NS2 is no longer appearing in the Appstore.
    This isn't looking good.

  • I suspect some BS from Apple is afoot.

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