So I was having a nice chat with Matt, and...

...he's doing pretty well for himself. He works in the gaming industry and makes 8x the income for half of the working hours. He has a family to look after, and after a decade in the iOS music scene, he has "reached saturation". So, that means audio tracks won't come to NS2. (ACK, don't shoot the messenger 🫣😂).

The reason Matt keeps so quiet is he doesn't want every iOS musician on the planet dogpiling on him all at once. 😂 Can you blame the man really? I wouldn't want to put up with that either no cap.

Anyways, I feel that while NS2 won't get any major feature upgrades, it will be maintained as-is for years to come. If anything feature-breaking will be introduced with iOS 17 for instance, NS2 will be swiftly updated to address those issues.

But what we already have is (in my opinion) an amazing, robust and stable app that's dead simple to use. I will say if I had any feature request, it'd be that Matt implements some sort of "humanisation" function in the piano roll much like FLSM has. Editing notes "by hand" is time consuming, lol. But other than that, I'm happy with what I got.

Remember, it's not about what you don't have. It's about how you use what you got. (Then again, I'm still waiting for "Wires" to be ported to iOS. 😂 But that's another story.)


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    Good and bad news but totally understandable @jwmmakerofmusic

    Best wishes to Matt! Thanks for posting! Now on with the show!

  • Thanks for that. What we have is a great piece of kit. Matt has to do the right thing by himself and his family. That has to come first.

    I suppose if I had one feature request it would be MIDI learn on the transport controls and mixer, something like selected track mode as in CB3. That would be good. I wouldn't mind more colour options in the properties section. Easy to live without such things but would be nice to see.

    I was thinking it would be great to have some more IAP's. Plenty of people around that can produce them and I'm sure would be willing to help out. Maybe some kind of profit-share deal?

    For me, the main thing is it's going to be around for quite some time and therefore I can plan my music projects for the foreseeable future.

    Best wishes to Matt and his family.

  • Thank you for this. Everyone needs to know about NS2. Truly grateful for such an app...God bless

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