Hardware of choice?

Wondering what everyone is running for their NS2 iOS device and any preferred midi controllers, if you are using any with it?

For NS2 I'm on an iPad mini 4 looking to upgrade to a 6 and eyeing the Arturia Minilab 3 as a controller. Wanting a small footprint.

The iPad Mini 4 I'm on has gotten a little clunky navigating the OS. My worry going to a 6 is the lack of headphone jack but maybe there is a decent USBC hub that can power the device, provide audio and allow plugging in controllers.


  • I use an iPad 9 and a minilab 3. Good combo.

  • I do a lot of work just on the screen of the iPad Pro (2018), but my mobile setup it to bring the Korg NanoKey Studio, which is OK for basic stuff. For a more formal home studio session I use the Novation Launchkey 61. In that setup, I use the HYPER HyperDrive Ultimate 11 Port USB 3.0 Type-C Hub because it has an audio mini jack and will power the iPad. I use a 100w power charger to make sure there is enough juice to power everything. It works pretty reliably.

  • I have an Arturia MiniLab3 - nice bit of kit but in reality it’s gathering dust now. I also have an M-Audio 61 key controller and a Korg “Plugkey” 5-din midi to Lightning interface for it that works perfectly but - like the MiniLab - it’s gathering dust too.

    I just prefer to write music now by entering data in the UI and not playing it in. To each their own 😊👍

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