Does iOS16 play nice with ns2?

Hi all, I’m getting close to upgrading my iPad pro(2018) from ios15 to Ios16, and I just wanted to know if anyone here can verify that NS2 works fine on Ios16, before I make the irreversible step and maybe regret it…. ?

Thanks in advance! :-)


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    You might get more responses if you post over on the Audiobus Forum. There's lots of activity there, and plenty of NS2 users.

    (fwiw, I've not heard anyone over there mentioning problems with NS2 on iOS 16)

  • Pretty sure we would have seen NS2 problems induced by iOS 16 here or an audiobus forum by this time if there were any. It’s been almost a year, I don’t think you should worry at all

  • Great thankyou both!

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