"I'm Not in the Magical Mystery Tour" mashup for Allan

https://www.dropbox.com/s/idsx3iysnn5hhvo/JWM - I'm Not In the Magical Mystery Tour (Allan).m4a?dl=0

Alrighty, well as you know due to copyright issues, I cannot post this to any streaming services without at least paying a bunch of quid out the bum to clear things. Another French House mashup in NS2, with...

10cc - I'm Not In Love
Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour
and a dash of Average White Band - Pick Up the Pieces (sampled piano)

I also utilise the Mellotron Flute as a reference to "Strawberry Fields Forever". Of course Mellotron Strings and "Wah Guitar" are a must to solidify that neo-disco feel.

Okay, if you enjoy it, comments are always welcome. :) Cheers and enjoy.

Also, Allan dug it. x'D

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