JWM - The Collector's Heart (The Definitive Version)(Trance in NS2)

I admit I created this piece originally in Korg Gadget for the "Within Gadget" EP, but despite the melodies and counterpoint being banger, the production itself felt lacking. So here is the definitive version of "The Collector's Heart" created proper in NS2. Lots of BramBos apps were used including perforator, Hilda FX, and TroubleMaker. The lead is Obsidian ran through HildaFX, and to my ears it made it sound like hardware! O_O

Cheers and enjoy.


  • Nice work! Def a club banger.

  • @SlapHappy said:
    Nice work! Def a club banger.

    Cheers mate and thank you. :) (Wow it has been quite some time since I last logged in here lol.)

  • Yeah. I noticed. Where ya been? Hanging out at that fancy Audiobus Forum again? The kids these days…..


  • Nice! Thanks for posting. NS2 is dying a slow death and this forum might help resuscitate it for awhile. I am on that other fancy forum too, but i give NS2 a plug there whoever I can.

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