Requesting Ghost Tracks & more for Obsidean/NanoStudio 2

First off are we wasting our time here. Last time I needed help I sent a messages to NanoStudio on multiple platforms, including here in the forum and I didn’t get one response. If Nano isn’t active and hearing us out then what’s the point of having this forum up. As for my requests if they ever get the time to read them, I have quite a bit of them but only gonna say a few important ones for now from the top of my head.

I would like a ghost track highlighting feature in the pianoroll grid, would be nice if you guys add a scale highlighting option too for the ghost track, ghost note highlighting.

I would also like to see more effects for Obsidian. There’s practically only one category of effects. Like reverbs, chorus, delay, ensemble isn’t enough. We need more varieties. I would like to use Bitcrusher, Distortion, Overdrive, and any other effect that’s not there. Compressor, Limiter are some I would like to see in Obsidian as effects.

Next thing is add a simpler way to make banks/folders for user presets and to add them to specific folders. I don’t know how to do that. I tried and added separated presets into folders on the NanoStudio 2 files app and it didn’t work for me. I downloaded alot of patches and most are disorganized and spread out across the user bank not in any folders. Some of the patch creators were able to do this right in a way they were added as folders. If you can make that better on the user presets part.

If you can add a good quality Arpeggiator for Obsidian.

My last one for now is to have Apples Files App import. It’s a drag to keep having to switch to the files app and copy files into the Nano folder or AudioShare. That’s all for now that’s only a little I would like to happen. Thank you

…..I forgot to mention a Drum Sequencer for Slate


  • NS2 is no longer being developed. The app is what it is. There are two former Beta Testors who are forum Moderators that will try to answer questions, but we are volunteering our time. On Mar 26th when you had a question about IAPs, I answered with some suggestions with two posts that day, but you didn’t follow up to let me know if your problem was solved, either through my suggestion or another way. That doesn’t make me want to rush back to answer more questions or try to help when there isn’t any feedback from people.

    There is a thread about a ghost tracks workaround, but I don’t remember if it was on this forum or AudioBus Forum. I would search this forum thoroughly because a lot of info can be found here. As for more FX, most people don’t see this as necessary because there are so many AUv3 Effects apps available.

    I strongly recommend that you do not use subfolders for organizing Obsidian patches. It can be done, but if you ever later move patches between subfolders it will break the connection between Obsidian and the patch in projects. Archived projects will still have the connection to the patch, but I think that still presents an opportunity for doubled patches if patches are moved around. It is better to organize patches with prefixs & subfixs, and not rename the patches to prevent those patches becoming “lost” in the Obsidian file structure.

    While an arpeggiator would be nice, there are apps that do that well, some even AUv3, so try some of those and I think you will find lots of possibilities.
    It might be a drag to use multiple apps, but that is just the way things are in iOS music in general. For the Files App, what are you importing into NS2? Batches of audio files could be imported with the Files App, but I generally import Audio with AudioShare. Everyone finds their preferred workflow.
    I don’t understand what you mean by “a drum sequencer for Slate.” The sequencer uses Slate, Obsidian, Auv3, or MIDI.

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