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Hi! I’m trying to make some abstract tunes by slicing together parts of various songs from my music app

Any way we can make this possible?

Edit: I am now using a DJ app to do my projects. That, and it’s a bit impersonal to have what I brought to attention….


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    In general I would say that if you import .wav files it should be pretty easy. .m4a or other files will be a pain, so start with .wav files, edit the audio in Slate, trigger Slate pads in the sequencer, and I think you’d be in the ball park.

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    Where is the file browser???

  • Have you read the manual? If not, start here:

    For just adding a fee audio files, AudioShare works well for me, but when adding many files, the file browser will be faster.

  • I have read it, but I can’t find the Audio Library/Inbox

  • Once files are in you Library (arrange into folders if you wish but don’t move them afterwards or your Obsidian patches will not know where to find them), then you can import into Slate or Obsidian.

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    And, finally, how do I do that?

  • What’s going on there? Files added together into a new .wav?

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    No just an open song from ns1

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    How do I import to obsidian/slate, was my question

  • Set up a new Slate Kit and import the audio to Pad 1

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    I uploaded my track to slate, but now it only plays the very beginning of the track…???

    How do you import to Obsidian?

  • Create track for Slate to desired length. Create note on Pad 1 (for this example) and make it as long as desired. Here it is 8 bars, but make it 80, or 180, or….

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    Alright, what about in obsidian?

  • Automap is for multiple samples

  • It’s still only playing the first two beats of the track!!

  • Post some photos of what you’ve done so I have an idea of what’s going on

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    On the first pic, it’s repeating in the middle of the track!

  • If you are just trying to have a track play (maybe it’s drums, bass, pads, whatever) over the entire new project, I think it will be easier to do in Slate. Using samples in Obsidian is for creating sample-based patches (like a piano), or for processing samples through the Obsidian FX to create creative creations. If that is a desire, then it CAN work that way in Obsidian.

    Can you take a photo of the Song View? Where is the loop point set? It needs to be set for the entire length of your project (or the measures you are currently working on).

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    Oh sure

    It’s repeating on measure 2

    But I have it set to 4 measures

    Only a part of the track was imported

  • The first thing I see is that your sample has some empty space at the begining. I would trim that to right where the file starts. That way when the note in the Piano Roll starts, so will the sample.

    I can’t see what might be causing the sample to repeat at bar 2. I suspect the settings in the Obsidian Sample OSC at causing this. Make sure that isn’t set to Loop. I’ll have to experiment later when I have a chance.

  • It seems like the preview was uploaded instead of the file, I tried exporting the file and that worked…

  • I switched to using .was filed to upload. This solved my problem!

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