NS2 Mac version does not find AUs inside Mac Library

After using NS2 on iPad for more than a year with great appreciation, I downloaded the MacOS version (now running on M2 Chip, Sonoma) for playing in different environment, and it gave me a really good look-and-feel.
I do appreciate the NS2 GUI for ergonomy of playing live.

But when I created a track on my Mac using HanonB70 AU, it stopped working after 15 Minutes
(inadvertendly, my iPad had been receiving/playing at the same time, since I am using WIDI Master over BLE).
ON MY MAC MONITOR I literally saw HanonB70 listed in the NS2 browser for this short time...
Maybe there is a crash issue that stops NS2 from playing Hanon again.

On the other hand, using the iPad, HanonB70 works just fine inside NS2

Then I tried to copy the HanonB70 AU component file into dropbox just in case NS2 would be willing to import it from there; it didnt work, because my Mac Finder (error -16) would not transfer this file into dropbox.

Looking for some kind of fix , I downloaded the Bismark-16i Mac Version and it integrates well into NS2 on Mac.
Positive, reassuring. So I tried to find out, why Bismark works whereas HanonB70 doesnt.
When searching my Macintosh HD I could not find ANY LOCATION containing Bismarks AU or VST or alike, in vein .
( Since I was hoping to put the HanonB70 AU component file into that same directory, in case I could find it)

Finally, trying to find some ALTERNATIVE B3 Simulation instead of Hanon B70 wasnt successfull either, given the jazz style I prefer to play: now I know, with Hanon I kind of found my sound already, ergonomy inluded...

Since I have no clue how to get on, I am kindly asking for your support.
Yours truly


  • The conundrum: NS2 was not conceived as a MAC app.
    Sounds to me like the problem lies with Hanon B70 AU since that is the main variable.
    Hanon B70 AUv3 works in NS2 on iPad, but Hanon B70 AU does not work in NS2 on MAC.
    Have you consulted with the Dev of Hanon B70? Have they updated their AU app to work with iPad apps? I recommend trying Hanon B70 in another iPad DAW on the Mac to see if you get similar results.

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    It might be worth checking if Hanon B70 shows up in GarageBand and/or Logic on the Mac.

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