Sustain Pedal Response

Hello. I love the app but am just realizing that when I attempt to play piano on a track.

I can play a note or cord while the sustain pedal is already pressed and even though I am still pressing said note or chord and release the pedal, it will release the notes that are still being pressed or held. This makes the app useless from and piano performance or recording aspect. Is this a known bug? The app is worthless to me in this state.


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    NS2's sustain pedal treatment isn't completely standard. Sustain is handled by the DAW rather than being passed through to plugins for them to handle it. I think this is related to what you're seeing.

    This post explains it much better than I can:

    Sustain pedal support was originally missing entirely. When it was implemented, it was done in a way that is different than other DAWs. It's unlikely to be changed at this point.

  • Yeah… appologies for that. It is something I should have caught in the beta testing phase, but I and the rest of the team were using iDevices and not playing MIDI controllers with sustain pedals. So much else to work on that we weren’t thinking of piano. That slipped through the cracks.

    The thread @number37 posted explains how to use External MIDI instrument track to send CCs to other apps, but then recording audio would be required. So that is not a complete workaround.

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