windows version high latency

of course both nanostudio I and nanostudio II work flawlessy on ios, but the windows version latency is quite high; is there any way to improve it? which drivers should i use?



  • It’s been a while since I used NS1 on PC. The latency will likely be an issue between your MIDI controller and the PC, so which driver to use is likely dependent upon those variables. I don’t remember there being any special driver required on my PC, and since I’m out of town I can’t check on that right now. Maybe you have already resolved this issue?

  • i have a MOTU M2 and a KEYSTEP 37; they both work great with other software (studio one, ableton, etc.) but not with nanostudio

    do you know if nanostudio use asio? is there a way to select different drivers?

  • In NS1, did you try adjusting the Buffer Latency?

  • of course; latency is high even at LOW setting, while VERY LOW is unusable because of drops and glitches

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