Nanostudio not updating

I need help to update my Naonostudio. On my iPad 10.5, iOS 12.1; I can’t get Nanostudio 2.
I seriously need it. How can I get it back ?


  • There haven't been any updates yet.

    Are you trying to update NanoStudio 1 to NanoStudio 2? If so, that won't work. NanoStudio is a new app that needs to be purchased separately. Unfortunately, Apple does not allow for paid upgrades and Matt's kids still gotta eat! So... new app.

  • To me it sounds like LanreEj is trying to get NS1 onto an iPad with iOS 12. Original NanoStudio won’t work on iOS 11 or later. The new app NanoStudio 2 (NS2) was completely rebuilt from scratch and is not an update to the original NanoStudio (NS1). It is available in the AppStore and a very worthwhile music production app.

    If that is not what you were asking about, please be a bit more specific and someone will try to help you further.

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