KRFT into NS2 is awesome.

Having MASSIVE fun with this.

Just using AB3 with midflow adapter (until NS2 has AB3 support) to send KRFT —-> NS2

So awesome.


  • Details please.

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    Oooh. What Will said ^^^. I've got KRFT. It's already quite fun!

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    “It is fun! Early tests indicate that the automation and everything records well. Have yet to do an extensive production session with editing and all that but even for exploring many macro parameters at once, dayum thats fun! Maybe NS2 could get its own internal macro macro screen if that makes sense.”

    -Audiogus (Audiobus Forum Feb 10, 2019)

  • Haven’t tried KRFT into NS2 but have been using AUM / midi AUv3 in to NS2 a lot. Might give KRFT a go.

  • @Audiogus sweeeeet. Thanks for the video!

  • pretty slick! thanks for sharing.

  • I’ve used Spacecraft, SynthMaster and Sunrizer and it works really well.

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