Nanostudio 2 Songs Megathread



  • First post here. I made some music to help me get to sleep.

  • @anickt said:
    First post here. I made some music to help me get to sleep.

    Cool! It’s been a while since I heard actual rave music 🙂 I totally get that, I used to listen to prog trance to get to sleep.

  • @anickt great stuff! Well produced and punchy. That would not put me to sleep, though :lol:

  • Thanks guys! This is supposed to be a playlist of 4 songs. I don't get Soundcloud sometimes... :p

  • lol @anickt I definitely don’t know where I’m going. Good job on the track, sounds nice and tight.

    And yeah guys, here’s my first track in NS2. The experience making it pretty much cemented NS2 as my weapon of choice going forward.

  • My newest track, an anthem to the sun

  • @db909 Nice! I like the smooth flow on your first track. Better than my first track on NS2.
    @CitizenX super cool. Great production - it all fits together so nicely.

  • Nice job @db909 and @CitizenX !

  • Thanks to new category "Creations" created by @Will , we can say goodbye to old "megathreads" approach. Feel free to add all your creations (not just music but also custom patches and banks) as separate threads into "Creations" category.

  • Did you intend to close this thread?

  • edited May 2019

    Was thinking about that but probably we leave it opened for few more days - just to leave possibility to add comments to previously added tracks

  • It took a while but now I’m done!! My first NS2 tune!! Dunno why it took so long. Probably something like learning an old dog to sit. Because it took me about six months to get a new work flow even though ns1 is the only other music making tool I’ve ever used...
    Made with NS2, Gadget and sunrizer!!

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