NS2 running at 96khz

Will Ns2 in the future get 96khz internal sample rate support at some point when using appropriate sound card. I believe it only runs at 44.1khz currently.


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    Yeah, current public version runs always on 44khz and just upsamples to higher sample rate at the end, if it is needed.

    Upcoming update will be changed - it will run on device's native sample rate (44 or 48). Matt is also opened to adding support for 96khz realtime samplerate, so short answer - yes, most probably in future 96khz realtime sample rate will be supported. Although no ETA currently.

    Biggest problem with higher sample rates are AU plugins - lot of thems aren't ready for this game, and when they doesn't work correctly, users often think it's NS fault :)

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    I use AUM a lot and always at 96khz along with ableton. So I look forward to this feature in NS2 more for when audio tracks is release.

    There are a few AU app that don’t scale to 96 kHz sample rate correctly which I still have not deleted.

    I can list the apps I still have where the developers have not fixed this issue and they have known for quite some time but in general most apps do work.

    Quanta - incorrect pitch
    Sunrizer effects - incorrect pitch (synth does scale)
    Zeeon effects - incorrect pitch. (Synth does scale)
    DRC - incorrect pitch


  • Any further news on 96khz real-time sample rate support? Also Audio tracks?

    These two features are holding me back from buying into this app.


  • Not much changed since april .. first iphone version (work in progress at the moment), then audio tracks...

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    That will be great to record at 24 bit 96khz

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