More on Typing

Trouble with us writers, always wanting to write or type. I know it has been added to the list already to at some point allow external (typing) keyboards, but I would like to add a (perhaps simpler) request to allow (enable?) the ability to paste from the clipboard. I understand you can do that internally, in as far as if I type something in the notepad I can copy and paste it, but I would very much like to be able to copy text (lyrics of course) from elsewhere into the front page of different files/songs. YES, I could type them all out again, but it'd be nice not to have to... :)

I know, not much of a thing to most, but something of a thing to others....


  • This is a good suggestion.
    I wonder if there would be any value is also being able to copy/paste lyrics onto parts, Audio Clips for now, or when they become available, Audio Tracks. A visual reference. Not being a song writer I’m unsure if this would be useful, just a thought.

  • Yes I would want that too, copying and pasting text is essential, not just for notes but also for reusing patch names etc..

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