A Switch to Bypass Obsidian's "Limit" at expense of CPU

I've noticed that sometimes in Obsidian when creating a sound from scratch, Obsidian renders it incorrectly. As I've recently discovered here https://www.blipinteractive.co.uk/community/index.php?p=/discussion/706/this-obsidian-preset-renders-incorrectly , Obsidian has a limit on certain functions such as LFO speed and sample looping speed in order to keep the CPU low.

This is very well and good as 99% of patches I create from scratch don't need anything changed within Obsidian. So my request is to have a switch within Obsidian itself that can bypass the limit at the expense of CPU when something renders wrong/refuses to playback above certain frequencies in the case of sampling. :) Thank you for your time.

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