Allow changing the type of MIDI tracks [SOLVED]

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We can select between 5 types of MIDI tracks, when adding a new track.

What is disturbing, even annoying, is that this seems to be a one-way decision.

Most DAWs I can remember, allow to freely change the type of MIDI track.

For example, in Cubasis, you simply add a MIDI track and then choose wether it get's an instrument or not, and choose between external devices, Apps, internal IAA or AU Apps.
And f you want to chance, you can freely choose what you want as often as you like.

Why is this so complicated in NS2?
Why is it not possible to simple change the type of MIDI track?

Please change that.


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    Of course you can change type of track to different instrument or to no-instrument track type - in track settings ;)

    Additionally if you have some automations in clip let's say for Obsidian and you switch to AU instrument - they are hidden, but not deleted - after you switch back to Obsidian they are again back there :)

  • Ahhh.

    Thanks :)

  • 🤨 🤭

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