Hold Knob/Slider to Type In Value...

This is something that Fabfilter plugins have. Basically, you hold down on a knob or slider, and a little box pops up that allows you to type in the numerical value. This is ESPECIALLY important for EQing. Say you have two tracks trying to swallow each other up in the mix. The solution is simple, boost the frequency at 3500Hz in one and attenuate the same frequency in the other, and vice versa and so on and so forth. The problem therein lies in the fact it's a pain in the arse to fiddle with the frequency knob in order to nail down the exact value simply by turning the knob (whether using linear or rotary).

Being able to type in the value would speed up my workflow tenfold by allowing me to type in the exact values. This should be applied to all knobs and sliders of the mixing board, internal effects, etc etc. Could this please be done? :)

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