Is Obsidian supposed to react to "All Notes Off" (CC 123)?

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I'm currently wrapping up a new version of "a famous iOS sequencer" ;), and I've noticed that Obsidian does not seem to kill running notes when receiving the "All Notes Off" message (CC 123 with value 0). The message appears when I connect a MIDI monitor instead of NS2, so the problem seems to be in NS2, but I'm not totally sure.

I'm sending to NS2's virtual destination.

Update: I can set the sequencer to additionally send individual "Note Off" messages for all 128 notes, but even in that case, the note still hangs.

What's interesting is that the Note Off that has been scheduled for the future (say, 1 s into the future) DOES work. However, when that Note Off is queued, and then an ADDITIONAL Note Off / "All Notes Off" is queued with a timestamp BEFORE the first Note Off (say, at 0.5s into the future), then that doesn't seem to get processed.

So, it looks to me that if Obsidian has received ONE "Note Off" via a packetlist with a future timestamp, it does not recognize any additional note offs that have earlier timestamps, but get sent later in wallclock time.

Hope that helps and makes sense.


  • Sigh ... too bad I already know you never saw Back to the Future. So ripe for a YouTube clip.

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