Wavetable IAP packs!

Would like to see some wavetable IAP packs.

I think Korg did this with their wavetable electribe app. Whatever the case I think it would be a good addition to NS2.


  • Would buy!

    Ideally they'd also come with some Obsidian patches that make good use of them.

  • I'd pay an iap for the ability to load user wavetables

  • Ohh yes I guess they are not as hard to make (I did some in past for blofeld) and could be easy source of revenue for Matt as I would buy them all instantly. I think it would also greatly expand already huge sonic spectrum of obsidian;) so thumbs up for this

  • @palm that as well! With some compatibility( like blofeld/serum?maybe? ) too so we could use software already out there to make our own wt. but still would buy any made by blip as well! Can’t have enough of Osc/WT types :DDD also I’m open to granular synthesis too and if that work with wavetables :O I know,I know Im pushing it :DDD

  • Yes, it would be a nice feature. And I’m always eager for more IAP.
    ...in time. The List is looooong.

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