Feature Request: MIDI Stretching in the Pattern Editor

In the Quantize settings on the Pattern Editor it would be convenient to have an option to stretch a selection of MIDI notes to fit a loop while retaining the relative spacing between the notes. (commonly referred to as MIDI Stretching)

This feature is useful for tapping out drum patterns or playing a melody without having to play along with a metronome track or strobe, which can be distracting and disruptive to the workflow. Personally I find that a metronome is often a necessary nuisance, and quantizing takes much of the expression out of my playing. It’s tedious editing single notes to mimic humanization.
The current NS2 Quantize options seem like they should be capable of this since it’s possible to move all of the Start and End locations, and adjust note Length. Perhaps it could be possible to add an Overall Length option, which would allow for stretching a group of MIDI notes proportionally. Even if it would just snap to nearest bar it would be helpful, so long as the relative note spacing is scaled correctly.
Any thoughts on this @Blip Interactive ?

(Picture for reference of Quantize menu)


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    defimitely handy feature, and saw already more users asking for this ( @Audiogus was it you ? )

    quantisation is is something different, i would not mess this with quanisation...

    instead of here is my proposal how to add this feature

    • inside pattern editor, between bottom two handles which are for moving selection left/right or resize selected notes will be added new handle (like you see it onright side with verticalmhandles)
    • this handle will do the job - it will "stretch" or "expand" selection. if grid quantisation will be disabled, it will be continuous (same like with left/right handles), if grid quantisation will be enabled, it will jump in steps based on set quantisation

    i think this should worl and csnnimagime also it can be pretty handy... and it will be consistent with rest of controls ..

  • @dendy A handle for MIDI stretching would be a very elegant solution, would also save from entering a menu. Excellent idea.

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