Homage to Barcelona

I seem to be managing a composition rate of 2 tracks per year. This is another NS1 composition and my first foray into EDM. I'm saving out for a nice shinny ipad pro and looking forward to moving to NS2 around Xmas this year. It would be great to know what people thing, especially around the mixing, and honesty rather than concern for my ego is the order of the day as the boss DJ says.



  • Very nice and I love the story behind it. B)

  • It has its unique character. Like that picture, reminds me something from childhood:) NS2 will definitely expand your sonic arsenal compared to ns1 so you got lot to look forward to. And you going to have to do something about your production rate It needs to be more then two per year :DDD good work and keep em coming

  • Thanks @anickt and @Cray23. I will be working on improving my production rate and may well another one before the end of the year :)

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