UI navigation with MIDI and KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS

I hope this will be considered for a future update.
Would be great if interface navigation would be possible by mapping midi to basic functions like these. And keyboard shortcuts when using a keyboard.

A few examples.

Switch from mixer to arrangement or back to song.
Switching current selected track with numkeys or midi
Show Instrument on current track
Show audio fx or midi fx on current track
Select previous or next track in mixer
Transport, play record etc
Copy Paste Duplicate etc.



  • Sounds interesting - can you elaborate a bit more what exactly should be mapped for those actions ? Like notes from some particular MIDI interface ?

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    I think @TPJ is referring to qwerty keyboard, which would be great to have.

    The shortcuts I'd love the most:

    • Spacebar to toggle play/stop
    • Tab? to toggle mixer/song editor
    • Left/Right to switch instruments (like clicking the left and right arrows in the instruments status bar)
    • Up/Down to switch like this: instrument - 1st effect - 2nd effect - 3rd effect - …

    If NS can make these MIDI-mappable I'd be all set :)

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    ooh of course, i imagined immediately musical keyboard :))

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    I approve of this message 👍

    And if I remember correctly, at least basic keyboard compatibility (transport, notes) is on the list for future updates but no idea when. I’d love the more extensive options.

  • I actually mean both. Pretty much all bluetooth qwerty keyboards work on iOS and they are excellent for input. @jipumarino suggestions are excellent by the way.

    But using standard midi would be welcome too. The same way you map a cc to a software synth. Being able to map a midi note on/off command to transport, navigating etc is always great.
    Most midi controllers have drumpads or buttons that send midi note or cc.
    Or you can use a midi keyboard on a specific midi channel for remote control.

    But in general having qwerty keyboard shortcuts would be amazing as a first.

    Besides the excellent suggestions of @jipumarino i would suggest.
    G = Grid on / off

    We all know copy ,paste ,duplicate keyboard shortcuts. Musicans and video editors press spacebar for start stop. Its muscle memory for most users.

    Command A select all
    Command C is Copy
    Command D is duplicate
    Command N is new track.

    Ofcourse you can go as crazy as you want because you can have SHIFT + 1,2,3,4,5,6 and you can have Command, Comtrol and Option + 1,2,3,4,5,6.. So its probably a good thing im not in charge😂

    In general its always good to use existing keyboard muscle memory:)

  • @WinConway said:
    The best way to do it is to have a list of actions, just make them bindable to either keyboard shortcut or MIDI action

    Yeah, I agree. I really hope that we eventually get shortcuts for moving across a single track’s instrument and effects though.

  • Even just being able to type text (e.g. when naming a project, track, or patch) with a keyboard would be a very welcome addition! I've got one of those keyboard/case things, so my keyboard is always attached. NS2 is the only app I use regularly that doesn't work with it.

    But yeah, basic keyboard shortcuts would be awesome too.

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