FabFilter Pro Q 3 Crash

Pro Q-3 by FabFilter crashes whenever it is loaded onto a track. Works fine in standalone and in other DAWs.



  • Did you try it with other hosts ? Cubasis, AUM,BM3 ?

  • Hmm I’m about to invest but if it crashes then I might wait or save £20+ bollocks I really need multiband eq
    @adamtmorgan any chance you could provide more details like your iPad model/iOS version, etc I don’t want to spit that much of a cash on something I cannot use and to be honest I’m not gonna use cubasis even if it works as that will probably allowed me to run 2instances before set itself on fire (I got to say cubasis is worst for me)

  • try tonebosters EQ - it's basically same like Q3 (multiband dynamic EQ) just costs only $8 or something like that ;)

    Or VirSyn BarkFilter which is also multiband ... And there is one preset called "tripleband" which works like magic when put on mastet of any track, i was like "wooooow jaws on floor" ...

  • @dendy thanks 🙏 I’m just couple of days before payday and was aiming for some fabfilter stuff, disappointingly no Saturn:( and now I’m bit afraid to spend on that pro q so I’ll check barkfilter and tonebooster as well! As always! You are very useful in here;)

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