Possibility to tag factory patches in patch browser

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I've noticed that the bank list in the NS2 browser only works for Obsidian, and not for any AU instruments. Fair enough but couple of suggestions:

1) Could there be a way for the user to assign tags to AU presets themselves? So assign Piano, Pad, String to each preset as necessary? Would make it easier to find relevant presets for AU's.

2) Could the bank window not read an AU's bank settings? Not all AU's support banks of course, but those that do would provide an easier way to find relevant patches. I'm thinking Synthmaster One is a good example.


summary of this request (edited by dendy)
It would be nice to have possibilty assign tags also to factory patches (at least in AU instrument), for better categorisation of those patches. NS would in this case save tags for example related to patch name (which doesn't change so often)


  • Actually I meant the NS2 Tag attribute list - this is what doesn't work for AU's. had to look at manual to find the correct term!

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    Tags system doesn't filter AU factory presets simply because NS just receives those presets from plugin and there is no such information stored in these presets...

    You can save your own AU plugin presets in NS patch browser and in that case you can assign tags to this preset and search in custom presets
    using tags..

    Also some AU plugins are not providing presets list at all to host - then you see just "default" for that plugin in NS patch browser

  • Ah yes I see. Almost perfect, except if all you want is to tag a factory au preset you end up with duplicates in the factory and user banks.

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    yeah this is drawback of current system - because you cannot save those tags into plugin itself and patch name is only one real reference which Nanostudio can see. But maybe those tags can be attaches to name itself, and until this name will be not changed inside plugin, it would be ok.

    Possibly good idea for improvement .. i edited thread title and first post to have exact description of this feature ..

  • Good idea dendy. What about when au gets updated? Will it overwrite any presets you’ve added tags too?

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    i'm just theorizing, no idea if it will be doable that way... i'm just user, not much coding knowledge in detail ;)

    anyway all tagged custom patches with tags are stored inside NS, not inside plugin, even if you delete plugin and then you install it again, your custom patches saved in NS will be still there

    I have to also add that - before you start build your own AU patches database in NS always first check if plugin wich you use, is able coredtly load patches saved in NS.

    Because not all plugins are working correctly. Recently i had issues with DRC - i made patch, saved it in NS patch browser but then when i tried to reload it, DRC ignored it and loaded just own default init patch...

    It works good for example with Spectrum synth collection, or Model D, or iSem

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