Odsidian as drumsynth?

It would be cool to load obsidian in the slate pads to make great synth drums, if ot will not take too much cpu.


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    although for drums is always better resample sound to wav and then load wav to sampler (slate) (for example to avoid issues with phasing and wrong played transients) - there is way how to have it realtime

    it needs one AUv3 midi plugin - this one:

    What you basically do is you use Nanostudio's MIDI send feature to send MIDI from SLATE track into multiple obsidians .. every slate pad sends some note ( you can see in pad's "SETUP" page which one)

    so you basically send slate to obsidian track, you put on THAT obsidian track MIDI FX "Route Key Zone" and you set all 4 orange controlls (see video abouve) to same note - the one which pad you want to play this obsidian (let's say C2 for bottom left pad)

    then hiting just that pad in slate will play that particular obsidian instance ...

    Btw. many kick, snare, percussions or hi hats used in Slate Factory banks were actually synthesized in Obsidian, in many cases in multiple passes (like basic sound was made in Obsidian, then mixdown to wav, loaded again to Obsidian as sample, another envelopes / modulation applied, resampled, then loaded to Slate and shaped even there using Slate's amp / pitch envelopes, per pad FXs and group FXs)

  • Another advantage of doing it this way: each drum will have its own track for fx and mixdown.

  • @Shabudua said:
    Another advantage of doing it this way: each drum will have its own track for fx and mixdown.

    Yeah exactly. Or you can use different synths (AUv3) for each pad ..

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    Btw one tip/trick for drums design in Obsidian - kick drums or percussions with sharp attack/decay may sound not perfect during realtime playback, if "high" buffer size is used - sometimes you may get effect like wrong envelope attack/decay is applied - it is noticeable with sounds where very fast envelope is applied to pitch or filter with high resonance (eg. kick drums for example)

    This has something to do with NS2 CPU efficiency optimisation - but they will always sound OK in mixdown (where is used smaller buffer size internally).

    That's one of reasons why i percussive sounds with fast attack/decay rather resample and use it as sample ...

  • @Shabudua said:
    Another advantage of doing it this way: each drum will have its own track for fx and mixdown.

    Yep. Even for non-synthesized drums, it's easy to load a sample into obsidian and leave it 'flat' so that it can have it's own channel. Can do this with Slate too. NS is forgiving about resources.

  • I've got a template for this that uses a Mozaic script that I wrote. It maps each note from slate to a channel, and even allows you to remap the note if you want (e.g. if you want to retune your drums to G from C, or something). When I get a chance I'll share it. Very quick and easy to use.

    Obsidian is pretty good for synthesis. I've been creating various templates using macros for various drum types. E.g. 808 kick (fairly simple), 909 (harder - the trick is to saturate a triangle wave) and some custom oddities. So this way I can quickly customize a drum sound for my songs.

    Also you can also using this trick combine multiple obsidian synths into a 'single one'. Haven't had to do this yet, but I can see maybe needing this for claps.

    What's the best workflow for resampling in Nanostudio?

  • What's the best workflow for resampling in Nanostudio?

    Solo track you want to resample, evenrually set song loop... then go to projext > mixdown and choose this

  • Oh that was relatively painless. Thanks.

  • @cianoc said:
    Oh that was relatively painless. Thanks.

    Like pretty much everything in NS2. so much under the hood!

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