• @dendy said:

    @Atticus said:
    Got you Dendy! I wonder what date the forum opened.

    no, you did not :smiley: that is uk date format,


    mine is 28.july, your 4th. october :trollface:

    Brilliant. 😂 I thought it would adjust the date for the region.

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    I'm The Elder One, knee before me or you will be forced to make music with BM3 till eternity !!!

    (dammit, why there is not "evil laugh" emoticon??)

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    @Atticus said:

    Remember the old days Slam?

    Oh do I!

    That was my 2nd Forum Name. My first one was Styrbjorn

    Dendy beat me by a month, which is good because I rely upon him to answer my questions. =)

    I’m glad the forum is re-populated. A year ago I was forced to use both my forum names to converse back and forth with myself on the forum. Almost went crazy waiting for NS2 - but I’m not sure Matt hasn’t gone crazy coding NS2.

  • I remember Styrbjorn because it made me think of Borg.

    I think we should start a rumour that Dendy hacked the server and adjusted his join date. Or pushed our dates back, either one works!

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    Actually, i changes my date few months forward, to not expose it was initialy set BEFORE forum was even opened.

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