Being able to layer instruments

Would it be possible to layer instruments in nanostudio 2


  • yes, there are multiple ways .. i usually use this method:

    • group all layers
    • put midi notes on geouo track (use "external midi" instrument on this track, you don't need it to generate any sound, it just holds on notes
    • set MIDI SEND to all child tracks

    now midi notes from group track are send to all child tracks and audio output of synths of all child tracks is send back to group track, where you can apply insert effects

    Alternative version is to skip configuring MIDI send on group track and simply copy all clips with notes to all child tracks - but this way you loose ability to play in realtime whole layer - all synths together - from single keyboard (which is possible using MIDI instrument keyboard with first method using MIDI send)

  • If you're using an external MIDI controller, you can also set any number tracks to listen on the same MIDI channel. On each track's Input Settings page, set the same channel and then make sure 'Track receives MIDI when:' is set to 'Always'.

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    this is what i love on NS - you can do same thing multiple ways, choose the one which best fits your needs ;)

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