Cray23 - AcidLine

I manage against all odds to finish this one. mostly while on high temperatures and headaches:/ I hate flu bloody thing
There is couple of samples from k2 and neutron and lot of tb3. Apart from tb3 most of it is still obsidian. Plus some grind, stark, blackhole auv3.


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    That ! You bass-tard, you managed to shoot me into another galaxy again... acid and 303 is my old love so this onle is right on the spot !!

    Great sounds, nice variable composition, lot of fun ! You're growing, from track to track better ! Where this ends ?


    What i really admire on your production is that perfect balance between oldschool elements and modern sound. Great job !

  • @dendy 😊thanks dendy you are star! there is something magical about 303 sound.oh Yeah 303 & acid, they played vital role in my life:DDD😝🤩🚀🎛

  • @Cray23 that’s just HOT! 🥵

  • Nice! You must be ready to release a full album by now....

  • @Trigger_the_Monkey i didn’t really think about it couple of months ago but keep hearing it:DDD from people and just couple of days ago some guy who runs label contacted me with email to send demos over to them so I guess I will try it😊

  • @Cray23 said:
    just couple of days ago some guy who runs label contacted me with email to send demos over to them so I guess I will try it😊

    wow, holding fingers crossed, you deserve it !! I can see you kickin' shit out of dancing people at some big party with your tunes :+1:

  • @Cray23 best of luck :smile: your style is exciting and you've proven you can produce on a regular basis, which is so important these days of short memories...

    Please let us know how it goes, and what you learn from the process

    And make sure no one rips you off....

  • @dendy @Trigger_the_Monkey
    Wow guys, thanks a lot;) I’m not going to be excited yet as that part with being ripped off or something is real these days or any days before really:D it did happened bit unexpectedly as I had friend request on fb and I thought it’s guy I used to work with because he looked like him but then when I check his profile I realised it is completely different guy from Belgium, and after couple of tracks I uploaded he send me a message that I should send demos to that place (unfinished monkey records) so I told him I don’t think is good enough to send it anywhere yet and that I already put stuff on YouTube and other then that I got only one in working right now and he replied YouTube and soundcloud promotions are not considered release by them and it’s ok as long people cannot download proper wav file. Then he said you can sand whatever and we will see what’s working with what and if I want they offer mastering service as well. So I said I’ll send them tracks in couple of days so will see and definitely let you know guys whatever happens. I need to check that unfinished monkey records actually maybe before doing anything:D

  • Hey, well they've been around for a while, so that's a good start... they've even got a myspace page and have been releasing from 2006. Listening to their Bandcamp releases, and to my ears, your mastering is as good as their previous releases... Maybe others on this forum can help determine whether there's more you can do to master well. You could always ask for feedback from people here on mastering of a track (or mixing, or anything), just having a new set of ears can help. This forum has messaging if you want to keep that out of the public eye.

    If unfinished monkey records are as legit as they look, then I guess it comes down to how well they'd work with you to your mutual benefit. It may come down to just how well they can promote your work so that more people listen... other than the people who already know you exist, or people you can reach easily.

    In the meantime, keep producing!

  • That is great news, hope your deal pans out!👏👍 Love the 303s by the way.

  • @Trigger_the_Monkey wow, thanks for looking into it. I did my research little as well, still have to send them that stuff, it’s taking me forever:D

  • @Stiksi thanks mate, I don’t expect much but any exposure is welcomed I guess;) and I only doing it as hobby but now I’m starting to feel some kind of pressure:DDD

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