More polyphony

Sixteen voices of polyphony seems like plenty, but once you add more voices for big fat detuned leads or lush pads, the number of notes of polyphony soon get used up as they are divided by the number of voices per note. I can understand this for hardware gear, but in software I would assume the only reason for this would be processing power. But in my case, I am using NS2 to provide backing and then just play one lead line over the top. So the iPad should be more than capable of producing more voices on a single Obsidian. Unless there is another more fundamental reason why more voices are not possible, I would love to see 20 or more voices of polyphony on Obsidian.


  • Or even, make the division of polyphony by the number of voices on the oscillator optional, so if disabled all sixteen notes of polyphony will be available no matter how many voices are selected.

  • This is definitely on the list.

  • Nice one, thanks dudes B)

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