MIDI learn from PERFORM page

Currently, to do a MIDI learn, we have to go to the mixer, double tap the mixer channel, scroll down to the correct input, tap LEARN, go back to the SONG view, and double tap the track to get back to the PERFORM page. This is 4 single taps, 2 double taps, and potentially some scrolling. I would love if we could quickly MIDI learn from the PERFORM page instead, as this is where I would be doing sound crafting and being able to really quickly map knobs and faders from here would make the workflow much faster and more intuitive. I would suggest that pressing the menu button in the top right menu which causes the orange numbers to appear on the PERFORM page would then cause MIDI learn to happen if you touch and hold on one of the knobs or the touch pad. So you would tap once on the menu button, tap and hold on a on-screen control, move the physical control on the MIDI controller, and then tap the menu button again to leave the mapping mode. That would mean it would be just three taps, all on the one screen, without having to leave PERFORM mode.


  • I can take a couple taps off your list. After doing the midi learn in Mixer, tap the top instrument selector and you’re right back in performance page 🙂

    But I agree, midi learn could have some shortcut on the performance page.

  • Oh nice one. I actually hadn’t thought of the instrument selector as a tab like the others so hadn’t tried to tap it. It makes sense that it is tappable. But yeah a more direct approach on the perform page would be great ;)

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    Also try double-tapping it 😉 and look for buttons on the right side of the screen. Those are handy for live performing.

  • Oh interesting. That could be helpful for live performance indeed. This app just gets deeper and deeper!

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