Synthetic Autumn

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Tried to challenge myself :) Made this mini tune just during last 3 hours on iPhone 6S, with apple earbuds, all sounds synthetised from scratch (started with init preset), including drums - no samples involved :)


  • :+1:

    Autumn over this side of the world is far more grey than where you are, clearly :tongue: ...and probably more like 90bpm and through a low pass filter

  • Insane number of great sounds in 3 hours. I have to single out your noise work, which is very well balanced 👍

  • Very nice! 👍🏼

  • It’s a cracking track Dendy. I wish you’d screen recorded it all so I could see your sound programming.

  • @dendy Wow, this is some deep sounding stuff here, reminds me Stephan Bodzin tunes! Really Great sounding tune and just within 3h that’s sick man! Big up!

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    thanks :) one day i maybe imvest another 2-3 weeks into this one to make it real finished 7-8 minutes long opus, not just short demo - i have in my head how it should continue and evolve, i just need find will and patience to make it real :)

  • Nice track! 👍🏻

  • @dendy you should do that opus! I’ll wait;)

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