Made with NS2
I'm waiting for your impressions if you like!!


  • Wow - strong use of structure. I mention that because structure is a weakness of mine :(

    Good builds, too, and use of filters and noise.

    I do think that it does feel a bit like the end section(s) don't quite match the feeling of the first two thirds, that feeling starts where the Rave Lead comes in, so it might just be the sound design of that instrument. If it was my track, I'd first try to filter out some of the top end on that track and maybe add some distortion or bit crushing to make it a bit more aggressive (since the filter will probably have made it feel a little dull).

    I'd love to hear the kick come through stronger. You might want to mix some of the Obsidian tracks a bit lower, and maybe group them all and add a compressor sidechained to the drum kicks (use the "SC FILTER" on Low Pass). For example I think the kick comes though perfectly in the opening bars, but when other instruments come in later the kick is a bit lost, for example at the 2 minute mark. There might also be some of the kick's transients missing? Have you low passed the kick maybe?

    I'd really recommend using groups by the way for a track with this much content, since it makes it easier to mix, to add compressors etc to. I think mixing is the next skill to work on for you :)

    Although as it is it's got a real chiptune feel, and some of that probably comes from the relentlessness of the mix (back in the 80s we couldn't even try to mix, just layer more and more on!)

    Thanks for posting as a video of the timeline, by the way, it makes it much easier to provide feedback.

    And I love it when Iron Drops comes in :+1:

    Looking forward to hearing more :)

  • Thank you for the precise advice!!
    I checked the comment and immediately confirmed it!
    Certainly, I felt that the kick sound of the drum was weak, and the high tone sounds such as hi-hat were muddy.
    At times like this, i often do the drum parts into two parts: bass, medium, and treble, and then eq each, but do you think the method is good?

    As you pointed out, I'm careless about each track grouping and compressors and other FX :s

    I didn't know what tone grouping should be, so i pushed a similar tone into the group, and it became messy like a toy box in a children's room, so I didn't use it. :#
    I appreciate the point that mixing is the next step. I'll try my best to group and use audioFX.
    I'll publish it here when I fix it again. :3

    Finally, thank you for reading my poor English.
    I am not good at English and am writing this sentence with the help of a translation app.
    I wanted to communicate with you freely someday, and I thought it would be good if I could connect with my favorite music.
    Thank you in the future!!

  • You're welcome @yyoyy

    Keep working on grouping and mixing and tone. It often takes many attempts to get it right :)

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