I.T.N Ep Finally here :)

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Hello everyone!

Here is finally the first EP of I.T.N, Statera Humanis.

The composition, arrangement and mixing was done on Nanostudio 2, the mastering is done on pc.
I think I'll probably do everything on Nano for the next one.

I am currently working on another musical project also on Nano, I will keep you posted.

Do not hesitate to comment.

Thank you very much, and thank you to the dev



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    very cool ! There are moments when it reminds me Carpenter Brut (which i'm listening last few days a LOT, especially things tlike Turbo Killer or whole Blood Machines OST), just this is a bit less synthwave and more dark :-) good job, also overall sound quality is good !

  • Nice!! Remainds me of old ministry!!

  • Thanks :)

    Yes, i have a lot of influence, on many genre !
    In this EP, i wanted mix a multiple contradictory style haha, is very fun to compose ( but not fun to mix and master...).
    And the Artwork, in a pure black metal way !

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