All obsidian and slate. One external plugin - Rozeta Arpegio.
Inspire by an autobiography I just read about a true visionary. He came from a poor village in Sicily and rose to fantastic success relying on honesty and personal integrity. I tried to capture a little of his amazing life’s journey, especially the underlying energy that seems to constantly drive him. Hope you enjoy. Cheers!


  • Nice - there is a level of compositional detail here we don't normally see. I remember from a precious post that you use a wind controller, and I can hear the results in the expressiveness of sounds. In particular to me it showed just how effective simply changing the attack of a lead instrument from note to note can add expression.

    Love the detail in the drumming, too :)

  • Thanks for the kind words. And very perceptive on the attack comment. That’s exactly what a wind controller gives you - real time control of envelope. You are not locked into the same ADSR for every note.

  • @boomer yes, what a ride! I fully agree on that level of composition! @Trigger_the_Monkey mentioned;) epic journey! I like your synthetic drums too;) big ups!

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