New Nanostudio Competition?!

Hello NanoSphere

In the spirit of the old days, and before we all dissolve in biological disaster, I propose a competition.

In the month of December, let's all have a month long bash at creating the best NS2 composition possible- along the lines of the Line6 NS1 event.
We're mostly all locked in, got a hot piece of software and can make some fairly mental noise, so let's have a merry month of music from everyone out there.
I am willing to offer up the Line6 Keyboard I won from the first Nanostudio competition as a prize, and will try and make it more appealing (you're not having my iPad, unless you're some sort of iOS Jesus)

Throwing this out there - Matt - any ideas?


Who's in?

(members of JPP are void, due to our TOTP commitments)



  • Sounds like fun!

  • edited October 2020

    This sounds fun - especially because the last competition had me on my toes bigtime working deadlines I never had before. I need shit like that to thrive - I realise that now. The last competition spawned 80% of my album.. insanity.

    I'm settling into a crazy recording schedule come monday.. but I would be interested. Don't care about winning prizes, I just need that fire under me.

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