Audio Tracks - Priority Poll (unofficial, but still...)



  • @anickt said:
    Back in the day I made (and sold) a bunch of music with a hardware system that had a lot less capability than NS2. Seems like people are more concerned about what they want than what they can do. That’s not fanboy-ism. It’s just fact.

    I haven't been inclined to bug report or feature request yet, at the end of the day NS2 enables me to make music in just that, mostly, and barely touching upon a lot of its features? but i went straight to NS with no previous PC DAW experience.

  • Audio tracks are very important if you need audio tracks. I guess that's a duhhh statement but NS2 is great if you don't need audio tracks. The thing is that The ideal is obviously for everything to be available in one app. The point is workflow and confusion. No one wants the confusion of switching apps. I'm surprised noone mentions Auria pro. I would jump to NS2 if it had audio tracks but only when I have the time. Great app!

  • NS2 is already my most productive app ever. I expect it will be even more productive when audio tracks arrive.👍

  • @Shabudua said:
    NS2 is already my most productive app ever. I expect it will be even more productive when audio tracks arrive.👍

    “Productive” is a perfect word to describe it. After using it for a while I can’t even go back to any other DAW! The whole project management is magnificent. Even the little things as highlighted folder name after you create a new one, for copy-pasting it to the file name. And the versioning (adding +1 to the filename) I have never been more musically productive in my life. It just inspires me to do more and more. I’m very inspiration driven as opposed to procedural, when it comes to music, and because everything is so immediate and at your fingertips, there’s no middle-wall to battle (in the form of ui), so it’s just me and music. Very creative tool.

  • +1 on audio tracks! I LOVE NanoStudio 2 and would love to see it gets some audio action. I’ve been using obsidian in the meantime to insert FX sounds. But really would like to explore with remixing acapellas. I shall patiently wait for the update...

  • edited November 2020 least Ableton Link Start/Stop....PLEEEASE! 😢😢😢😢., a virtual midi clock or following one and midi fx...if audiotracks take til 2025, wold be great to get at least mentioned features 😟😟😟

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