In app purchases not working but money taken.

I have just purchased and installed NS2 on a new iPad Pro (already on the latest OS 14, so no option). I then purchased the Acoustic 1 and Industrial Atmospheric 1 packs from within the app. My purchases were confirmed and my card was charged. When I clicked download it just hanged with a message saying waiting to download. I then went to the first pack again and it gives me the option to purchase but not download. I tried the restore purchases button and it says that I have not purchased any. Please fix ASAP. This is not filling me with much confidence on this app having only just got it.


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    To my knowledge, IAP downloads and purchases are handled by Apple’s app store, the dev can do nothing there. But normal troubleshooting procedures could help jog loose whatever is holding up the download.

    1. Check your Apple ID that the purchases are definitely listed on your account. Sometimes they just don’t register, but since you mentioned that your card was charged, you may probably skip this.
    2. Kill all apps from the task switcher (double-click the home button or use the gesture that does the same thing nd swipe up on all the apps)
    3. Log out of your Apple ID
    4. Restart your device
    5. Log back in to your Apple ID
    6. Start Nanostudio and try to download them again. You can safely tap the buy button again, if it charges you a second time, just request a refund and you will get it.
    7. Babysit the download, don’t let the device go to sleep and do not switch away from the download screen. At least in the past, Apple has cut off downloads if the device goes to sleep.
    8. If all this fails, request a refund within 2 weeks.
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