(Electro/Progressive House) Test Your Reflexes

I'm back with another single! Yet again, it was made entirely inside of NS2 (With one exception of having to record the bridge live) and it goes hard!

You can hear it on everything from Spotify to Youtube right here!

Made with an iPad Pro 2020

DAW/Sequencing - NanoStudio 2

Bass - Digitalism 2000 (Audiokit Pro)

Drums/Percussion/Sample Based FX Chopping and Screwing - NanoStudio 2

Synths - Sunrizer (Beep Street)

Bridge Performance - Gauss Field Looper (Bram Bros)

Vinyl Pops and Cracks - Retro Piano (Audiokit Pro)

Automation and FX - Nanostudio 2

Insane tunnel delay - DL01

Bounced down and Imported into FL Studio 20, then interfaced with a Behringer X32 Compact

Any questions you may have, i'm happy to answer! I've been producing with NS since NS1, and i've learnt some pretty neat tricks along the way.


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