Hacky workaround for allowing AUFX automation

I posted this over on the AB forum and thought it might benefit some of the good folk here:



  • @MisplacedDevelopment nice one, bit cumbersome but it seems to work. I don’t owe either Aum or AB3 so might get them for that. The way I was doing it (only once or twice) was to export drum section and sound which I wanted to have that AUv3 automation into cubasis 2 and then do automation there and render, then send it back to ns2. That was already too much distracting for me so will try your approach and see if that works better for me.

  • @Cray23 thanks! It is good to be able to hear the automation working directly on the track without needing to bounce between DAWs. I don’t know how well it would scale yet but in theory you could have multiple tracks with their own automation. Until the auto reconnect is fixed then it will be annoying to have to reconnect each SonoBus manually every time you load a session. Once it is fixed though then it will be simple enough to create NS2/AUM/AudioBus templates which are all set up and ready to go.

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