IAP on Sale

I got an alert that the IAP patch banks are on sale. I already have all of them.
Anyway that some empty patch banks could be released as a way to help financially support my favorite app?

…I didn’t think so. Maybe one day.


  • How about instead of empty banks, maybe the people who saved patches on Patchstorage would donate their patches to be sold packaged up as IAP's. I know Dendy sells patches on Gumroad. Maybe let him sell his patch sets as IAP's. It would help fund continued development on NS2 and there's value in having them available in-app rather than having to find and download/purchase them from different places.

  • Yeah…. We tried to arrange such a thing a while back. Would love to have collections of patches from forum members ‘sold’ for donations to aid in further development, but that will have to wait for the right timing.

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