Hi all, Newbie here

Hello, I’ve only had NS2 for a few days and I have to say I’m smitten. I’ll always have a soft spot for GB as a sketch pad for quickly laying down ideas and I’ve tried several other DAWS for iOS but none have felt as intuitive as NS. Any way here’s one of my first creations.


  • Welcome! And great work! I really like it.

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    :heart: amazing atmosphere... i would call it "gentle sadness" ... and that main melody, or theme, is superb... :+1:

  • Welcome to the forum!
    Nice track! Sounds great.
    There are a lot of people here that feel the same way about NS2. Smitten by the intuitive workflow describes it well.

  • Sweet! Nice composition. I like the way you play with phrases, and the sound design or choice.

  • @Quoggy You really did great job in remixing that theme! Love it! We flying in the air;) thanks and welcome. Btw Keep them coming.

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