4 New Tracks on my Nanostudio 2 playlist

Instead of 'spamming' every new track one by one, I will just post the link to the playlist:


I added four new tracks today:

Bandmitglied Nummer 4
Final Folio
Meh. (deluxe version)
Pain in my back

All tracks from that playlist are made with Nanostudio 2, mixed with some 'Primer' and 'Enkl' synths and a pinch of Turnado - hope you like 'em ;)


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    Very nice tracks.

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    very interesting music... i like how every song has own "story", it evolves from some point into other point.. They all are original and different but still totally consistent (they have "something" common, the way how they are build) - there is noticeable your speciffic style in every one.. also like how you use ovedrive/distortion.. i like how they have "in the face" sound, very warm with great presence.. :+1::+1:

    btw. i like basically all 9 tracks, not just those 4 new.. what a nice album, no weak places !

  • thank you, guys
    and you are correct, dendy, I always have some kind of 'story' in mind when I work on a track. well, it's more like a 'storyboard' - sometimes I have a particular experience in mind, like 'that one day in the woods', sometimes the animated music video or video game is already done inside my head, and sometimes it's just a dance move I am thinking of. however, I guess that's why I tag them as #soundtrack ;)

  • @finefin those are very nice tunes all sounds pretty polished! I love those chippe sounds and your melodies are cool 😎 keep up great work and keep sharing ;) thanks

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    Happy 2020 everyone!
    I added 4 more tracks - this will be the final addition to this playlist ;)

    Printserver (chippy short interlude)
    Die Uschi zu Besuch (translates to 'Uschi's visit')
    No.face (game menu background hip hop)
    Premas decayde (offbeat groove with a little musical joke in the end)

    All tracks are CC licensed and downloadable.


  • @finefin again nice set of tunes, reminds me years ago playing with modded gameboy with LSDJ. Nice and thanks for posting

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