OP-Z Sequencing 6 instances of Obdisian

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Had a go this evening getting the OP-Z sequencing in real time directly within NS2. I spent about 25 minutes noodling about to get the track to sound how i wanted in this clip. What amazed me about NS2 is that it didn’t mind recording 6 independent channels of incoming Midi sequence data in real time. Beautiful!

Going to spend some more time with NanoStudio 2 and the OP-Z for sure now 😁

Here’s the file if anyone wants to build on it:


  • As opposed to starting a new thread just going to add my latest NanoStudio2 track here. As I’ve learned over the last few years, each synth presents it own unique challenges and strengths. NS2 is no different. It’s an almost complete solution...just a few more features and it will soar.

    Anyhoo, over the last couple months I’ve been coming to terms with Obdisian and Slate and the NS2 workflow, and while i haven’t mastered it by a long shot, i am more comfortable with producing work in its environment. It’s been a fun learning experience, as I’ve been brainwashed by the Ableton Clip paradigm, so going straight linear has been a bit of a paradigm change.

    Well that was a rather long winded way of saying here’s a new track from this NS2 journey I’ve undertaken. 🤪

  • And a video to watch as well:

  • @echoopera you can always use Ableton clips to send midi into multiple Obsidian tracks as a way to arrange on the fly, then polish (edit the midi, add automation, mix) in NS2. I've tried this from Modstep and from Maschine with good results in both cases. Remember to turn Ableton Link on to synchronise :)

    This is probably my favourite workflow, in fact.... Especially good for getting started.

    One nice trick using this approach is that you can have multiple sources pointing to the same Obsidian (or Slate) track, which allows for nice variation through combinations of patterns, especially on mono Obsidian patches. You can do the same things using track lanes and linear composition, of course, but I like the intuitive playful approach of launching clips to arrange.

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