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  • I’d even take some wavetable IAP packs, in fact would probably prefer it as it would potentially help fund NS2 and also spare me the trouble of finding and importing wavetables myself.
  • I meant from the kit folder for a saved Slate instrument. For whatever reason you can’t delete them from that folder from within NS2.
  • Other ideas for the xy pad: -snap tp zero (lift touch, values go back to zero) -bounce mode (controller continues to move after you lift touch, moves at speed you send it) And for the keyboard in general: -chord pads (set notes for each pa…
  • Derp. I was setting the default knob value wrong.
  • So the update fixed the midi aus. Still would like to be able to record though, and it’s weird because in the mixer you can send midi to parent track, no set up will record though. Ideal chain is still: keyboard (internal or external) > midi f…
  • @dendy said: all MIDIfx bugs will be fixed in upcoming update.. things like SPA or MIDI Tools pack will work after this update, soon Will it record the MIDI FX output? Or just effect the notes in a pattern? I much prefer the former, bec…