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  • Thanks for the replies @Will and @dendy. Good to know about the LINK issue.
  • For me, it’s better to have it recorded to the sequencer track where it can be duplicated to other tracks and then tweaked and altered. Of course this can work can be done in the midi fx itself (saving various versions) but it is not as convenient to me, as I want to see everything on one page.
  • Ok - understood. Sorry that you and others have had bad experiences with the AB forum. I think many valued your input there all the same.
  • Well, ok. It did get out of hand over there. Your remarks are well-taken. I thought Dendy’s post was more of an apples to oranges comparison, and some took exception to that. I can’t go back to that thread now, so I’ll take your word for it. Anyway, NS2 may be the most efficient host for AUV instances (non-Obsidian) - at…
  • I like the AB forum very much, but some people will really take you to task for being less than scientific, which I think happened in this case. When I compare it to other music forums now and in the past, it’s actually pretty civilized and downright friendly (and this is is coming from someone who, on this very forum,…
  • Ok - I misunderstood from the get go, causing myself needless aggravation. Yes, the channel slider function in Quantum works really well and is a very inventive solution for this. Thanks!
  • Hey Will - I did get a chance to try it, but it didn’t work for me the way I had it set up. That is, I had Quantum and Midiflow Adapter in Audiobus into NS2. Obsidian played the note information, but the PC information didn’t register. I’m going to try this again and see where I went wrong.
  • Will try it- thanks!
  • (personal attack was here - dendy)
  • I have both acoustic packs, but would gladly purchase more, especially horns.
  • I was referred to this thread after making a feature request for program change. I am thinking that it would be interesting to have program change functionality like in Quantum, where potentially every step could send a PC message to either Obsidian or an AU synth/noisemaker.
  • Aaah ok. I will visit that - thanks!
  • Comparisons are by nature invidious and this is no different. I think Obsidian’s strengths are more as a hybrid synth/9sampler than solely as a virtual analog synth - it’s too clinical, and the filter does not have a pronounced character. I suspect that this is intentional and that’s fine.
  • U.S. - and hoping that we can fix our situation quickly. When I was a kid, I thought that everything in this country would just get better and better, more open, more accepting, ...happier. Not to be, at least not yet. Wife has dual Canadian/U.S. citizenship, so pulling up stakes is always a possibility.
  • True, just downloaded the new version. Quite happy that there is a workaround, but looking forward to the day when this workaround is not needed at all.
  • Yes, it is a pity but I have a strong feeling that this will be rectified in the not so distant future. I am very hopeful.
  • In the box, no. You will need to put the midi effect as a sender and use midiflow adaptor as receiver in Audiobus for the midi to record.
  • I think spending time with BM3 and other iOS apps in general made jumping into NS2 without the manual quite easy. Just my personal experience.
  • Many thanks for this!
  • I’m still pretty happy with BM3, except for the fact that it now doesn’t record AUV midi. But, of course, neither does NS2. But I’m patient, and I’m looking forward to both fixing this deficiency. One thing (among many) about NS2 that I like/liked quite a bit - I was able to jump in without reading the manual or asking…
  • Thanks! After I wrote it this, I used the standalone of SPA and it recorded flawlessly.
  • This is a related use case, but somewhat different. I’m using Step Poly Arp Unit in the midi effects slot of a track without an instrument. I am then sending that midi to a track with Obsidian. It generates audio from Obsidian but I can’t get it to record the midi - very weird. Is this user error? Do I need to enable…