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  • FINALLY, back from the dead. I'm certainly late to updating this thread, but I ended up figuring out a surprisingly simple fix utilizing the win10 ui's 'classic app' graphics tool. Going into options and changing the mode of operation to 'High Performance' fixes the display issue I was having, everything functions the same…
  • @SlapHappy I can feel that, I remember with 8.1 there was a horrible OS update glitch that stuck me (and others) in an infinite update loop that consistently failed, update never ended up working so I ended up leaving my computer running it in it's current state and not touching much lol. @Trigger_the_Monkey This is…
  • Huh, weird. I have visual problems, you have audio problems... My Dell is only about 3 years old with Windows 10, did your machine come with it pre-installed / was it the original OS?? Or, was it upgraded from previous / was clean-installed?
  • I see, I see. RIP your old setup. My two computers I've run NS1 on were both Dell machines, one pc originally running Windows 7 (the newest make of the two, ironically) and the other running windows 8.1. The Windows 7 machine was the one upgraded to Windows 10. You're right: when I was finished moving and backing up…
  • Hello @Stiksi, sorry for the duplicate posts. I hope I wasn't too confusing in my description: the problem is indeed visual freezing, for every action done in NS1. In both fullscreen and minimized application windows, the only way I can have anything displayed correctly (opening the program, using keys, clicking on panels,…
  • I've recently made the switch from Windows 7 (and 8.1) on multiple computers, and fresh-reinstalled Nanostudio 1 v. 1.42 through the links on the official website. On windows 7 and 8.1, up to current day, NS1 still runs flawlessly. On Windows 10, for some reason, everything works normally, and is even scaled correctly in…